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Ballroom dancing can be taken up as a leisure-time activity or as a sport - hence the title 'DanceSport'.


Just as you are never too young or old to learn to dance, you are never too young or old to get involved in DanceSport. Categories range from Juveniles (Under 13s), Juniors (13-15yrs), Youth/Adult (Over 16s), Masters (Over 35yrs) with levels from Beginners to Professional.

 It is a good, clean, healthy sporting activity. Most top DanceSport competitors are as fit as any sportsperson with the added dimension of artistry. DanceSport can be compared with Ice Dancing but DanceSport's extra appeal is that can be performed and enjoyed by a much wider age range.

At Dance Gallery, we are DanceSport specialists, training most of Adelaide's top competitors from their humble beginnings.



As DanceSport has now been given Olympic recognition by the International Olympic Committee, it is poised to become the next Olympic sport. Now is the time to get your children involved in DanceSport.

Who knows? You just may have a potential Australian or Olympic champion in your family!

COST OF PRIVATE LESSONS (for single or couple):

$40.00 for half an hour
$70.00 for an hour 






In December the 67th Australian Dancesport Championships were held at the Hisense Arena in Melbourne.

A small contingent of registered South Australian couples attended this championship event and they were among hundreds of couples from all over Australia and overseas. Event organisers were very pleased with the numbers, the highest number of entries for some years. Considering the downturn in the economy these large events have had good support.

During the weekend we saw participants from all categories (Masters/Juniors/Juveniles/Youth& Adult) competing. The standard of competition was very high and improving every year. Competitors from Dance Gallery, amongst others, made a representation at the event.

It was great to see so many couples who put in the hard work and time and support to Dancesport achieve success at the Australian Dancesport Championships.

I would like to congratulate them all and wish them ongoing success in 2013.